Conditions of Pool Entry

As recommended by NSW Department of Health:


Please report to reception staff upon arrival

  1. All patients must rinse before entering the pool
  2. No soaps, shampoos, creams or powders are to be used in change room and pool areas
  3. No-one with cuts, sores or open wounds or flu-like symptoms will be able to enter the pool. Please report to staff for guidance
  4. Only approved waterproof dressings to be used
  5. Acceptable swim attire must be worn by all patients (see Swim Attire Policy)
  6. No food allowed in pool area. Water is recommended during and after your session to replace body fluids. If you have Diabetes consider replacing sugars.
  7. Lap swimming is not advised due to the heat of the pool
  8. Hydroworks accepts no responsibility for lost or stolen belongings. Patrons are advised not to leave valuables in change room whilst in the Hydrotherapy pool.
  9. Abusive, disruptive, offensive behaviour & language are not permitted. Offenders will be asked to leave

    Management reserves the right to refuse entry. Refusal to comply with these Conditions of Entry may result in removal from the Centre.

Health Information for users

All patrons will be asked to complete a heatlth questionaire on arrival to rule out any potential contraindications. You can view the questionaire here